CSA Partners

Simone Delaty

Simone’s Plain & Simple

Wellman, Iowa

Contact: 631-0146 (Mobile/Messages) http://www.simoneplainandsimple.com




Founding Mother, Mentor and Voice of Wisdom

This winter, just as Simone and I have done since the winter of 1996 when we first conceived of Local Harvest CSA, we spent hours reviewing the past season and planning for 2013. 

Simone is enjoying her retirement by traveling extensively when her home and land care do not require her to stay in Iowa. This first week of January Simone is off to the Gulf Coast to photograph the rare Whooping Cranes in the wild; she will spend time with her family in France in February-March.

By March it will be time to do the specific planning of our CSA newsletters: Throughout the CSA season Simone will contribute unique and simple recipes and ideas for the use of herbs and vegetables.
















Regina Miller

Iowa City, Iowa


Bread - Iowa City
Regina has been baking since she was a little girl. Her mom taught her the basics (2 loaves at a time), and while she was in college she worked for a bakery and learned more (20 loaves at a time!). Regina started working with Simone 7 years ago and learned even more, particularly about artisan breads.

The CSA bread: Pain au Levain-The sourdough starter for this bread is a traditional French levain. It's made with half whole wheat and half bread flour, plus some steel cut oats thrown in for texture. No dairy or oils are used. It's a wonderful loaf-chewy and wholesome.

Occasionally we'll also have a bit of variety: baguettes, moroccan bread, white wine garlic, or focaccia might show up in the basket!



Laura Krouse

Abbe Hills Farm

Mount Vernon, Iowa



Laura Krouse who operates Abbe Hills CSA in Mount Vernon grows potatoes, sweet corn and edamame for us. In exchange for these crops, we start all of Laura’s seedlings in ZJ Farm’s hoophouse (unheated greenhouse) as well as providing backup for each other in case of a crop failure. Laura Krouse purchased her 72-acre farm in 1988 . Laura grows corn, hay, oats, soybeans, and vegetables on the 54 acres of the farm that are crop ground. She maintains a natural area, pond, wetland, and restored prairie on the remainder of her land.