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Through Local Harvest CSA you can purchase shares of vegetables, bread, and eggs.
Lamb and turkeys are available by special order.


Spring Green CSA Share

Spring Green Share

Start the season with our Spring Green Share, including an assortment of greens and other spring treats from our hoophouse and low tunnels and asparagus and rhubarb from our perennial plantings delivered weekly for six weeks.

April 23 through May 31
Weekly share (6 deliveries) - $180 

Summer Vegetable Share

Summer Vegetable Share

This is our basic CSA share which highlights the abundance of summer. It includes a mix of seasonal vegetables and herbs harvested at the peak of flavor delivered weekly for 17 weeks.

June 4 through September 27

Weekly share (17 deliveries) - $425

Spring Green CSA Share

Fall/Winter Vegetable Share

The fall / winter share will include the delicious and nutritious stored bounty of summer, as well as greens and herbs from the field and passive hoop houses.

Five deliveries September through December
Share (5 deliveries) - $200


Spring Green CSA Share

Spring Weekly Share (6 dozen) - $24

Summer Weekly Share (17 dozen) - $68

Fall/Winter Share (5 dozen) - $20



Spring Green CSA Share

Spring Weekly Share (6 loaves) - $24

Summer Weekly Share (17 loaves) - $68

Fall/Winter Share (5 loaves) - $20