Lamb Sales


We rotationally graze our 40-ewe flock on 26 acres of pasture. Our flock is a mix of Dorset, Polypay and Suffolk. Our lambs are raised on pasture and organically grown grains. We use no antibiotics or growth promoters.




How do I place an order?

Email Susan with the number of lambs you wish to order and the month/s you would like them. (We take orders for half lambs.) Please provide a phone number the butcher can reach you at when your lamb is ready.

(Lambs are generally available August through April)


What happens next?

On the specified month, we will contact you and deliver your lamb to our butcher, Bud’s in Riverside, where the lamb is cut to your order.

If you want ideas on cuts to order and how to use them, I suggest the following link. The article gives a breakdown on lamb cuts and cooking tips from a butcher and chef perspective.


How much meat can I expect from a lamb?

The average cut out of a lamb is 40%, which means that from a 140-pound lamb you can expect 56 pounds of meat. Although Buds says my lambs cut out better than most other lambs he other words you get more meat from my lamb.  Of course, the amount of processed meat will depend on how you have it cut up.


How much does it cost?

The price per pound is based on live weight so you pay: (weights vary)

Example: 140# lamb x $1.45 per pound = $203 plus $50 butchering Total = $253